Sunday, November 11, 2012

The recipe for equality calls for boys to embrace what was once exclusively "girl stuff."

Until boyfriends stop squirming when their girlfriends ask them to hold their purse, fathers stop freaking when their daughters mention their menstruation cycles, and sons stop rolling their eyes when their mothers stop in the make-up aisle, true equality will not exist. This is why males buy their significant others roses and get down on one knee with diamond rings. These images are not romantic; they’re predictable impersonal clichés. Roses and diamonds have somehow become the only jewels and flowers that men can comfortably admit the names to. Females have been exploring what was once exclusively male for decades (everything from careers to clothing options). So males, what is the hold up? If I, as a woman, can romp around in your dress shirt and join my high school’s football team (not to mention, being considered sexy or a boss for doing so) than why can’t you borrow my glittery socks and take dance classes? When we define ourselves with a political party, lifestyle, religion it is a conscious choice. I ask you to acknowledge that gender is no different.

“Male pride is not really about pride, it’s about fear of being viewed as feminine.” –Julia Serano

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